10 Cool Examples of Hidden Storage Under Stairs

Normal folks use the space under the stairs as a closet space, but these 10 cool examples will show you how you can use this space in more than one way. No matter how little, this space can be used for more practical purposes. Let us talk about some of the most inspiring ideas:


#1: Under stairs playground

Add shelves in the area and store your kids’ toys. Lay a carpet on the floor, and give a perfect play area to your kids.


#2: Under stairs garden

Keep a few indoor plants and pots in this space, and give a green shade to your living room.


#3: Under stair hidden bookshelf

Add a few bookshelves, and place a chair or lounger there. This will make a mini-library for you, and you will now have your own reading space.


#4: Under stair showcase

Make a few shelves in the space, and display some of the exotic things you have collected from your travels so far.


#5: Create a mini-kitchen

This small space can be conveniently turned into a little kitchen with shelves for the tableware and a sink.


#6: Under stair hidden pet bed

If you have a pet at home, this is a great idea to store your pet bed. During the night, your pet can easily sleep in this area without causing any obstruction to other family members.


#7: Under stair wine cellar

Apart from storing books, you can also use this space to display your wine bottles. Add a couple of chairs, and you will have your own bar here.


#8: Under stair hidden office

If you are working from home, this can be an ideal, peaceful place to make your own home office. Just add a work desk, a chair and a lamp, and you are all set.


#9: Under stair hidden TV console

If you have a big staircase, and there is enough space under it, you can use this space to install your LCD TV or the home theater system. Build a dining space: If there is enough space, you can place your dining table and chairs here, and have a unique dining space for your family.


#10: Under stair hidden shoe storage

The last idea is one that ladies will love. It is a hidden shoe storage rather under the stairways.
These are only a few ideas, and there is a lot more you can do with the space under your staircase. Use the space wisely, and you will be able to store your things in style.