10 Hidden Toy Storage Ideas You Might Not Know

Today, many apartments do not have a basement, not even a committed play room. So, toddlers’ toys are usually seen scattered all over the house. By the evening, your living room ends up looking like a toy room, and you start thinking of coming up with a plan to get it back in control. Here are the top 10 hidden toy storage solutions to store toys away from the eyes of the guests


#1: Drawers under the bed

These beds allow drawers to go under the bed. When you store toys in these drawers, they can easily slide under, without creating clutter in the room. They are easily accessible and operational by your little kids


#2: Compartment in the floor

Dig a compartment in the floor and cover it with a lid. If required it can also be covered with an area rug. A small compartment can be single-paneled, while a bigger compartment will need to be double-paneled. Store all the toys in this compartment. As it is low on floor, it can be easily accessed by your little ones


#3: Inside the cupboards

Try to remove clutter from your cupboards and store the toys in the bottom two shelves. In this way, the toys will be in easy reach of your children, and putting them back will be easier for them too.


#4: Storage boxes

Make shelves in your child’s room and store toys in storage boxes. Keep as many storage boxes as you need, and make them distinguishable with the help of color coding or labeling. In this way, your will child knows which box has what. Otherwise, he will end up opening each box and creating a big mess.


#5: Wall safe with art cover

This one is an artistic hidden toy storage idea. Make a wall safe in your child’s room, and cover it with a piece of art. In other words, the door of the safe will be an art piece.


#6: Modern toy storage bench

Buy a bench that can open its lid and has storage space inside. It will store the toys, and also serve as an elegant seating when closed. This model even has a blackboard for the kids to draw and have some fun!


#7: Toy storage ottomans

Ottomans are an elegant seating option in every house. These can prove to be excellent hidden toy storage solutions too. Buy the ones that have storage space under their seat. These will quickly hide your little one’s toys out of view.


#8: Crate seating

Milk crates give good storage for toys, and they look good too. Keep them alone or hide them with a cloth around and a cushion on top. Light in weight, they can be easily carried around by your child, wherever he or she wishes to play.


#9: Laundry bins

Laundry bins are no longer colorless and boring. Buy a beautiful looking laundry bin with nursery print, and store all the toys in it.


#10: Hidden storage behind the sofa

Most living rooms have empty space behind the sofa. You can place a book shelves style of furniture there, and keep all the toys in it.


Use these hidden toy storage solutions to keep your child happy, and your home clutter-free. But before that, try to eliminate any unused, old, non-operational toys first.