4 types of materials for pull out shelves

Today’s homes offer very little room for a family of four not to count the elders. It is really very difficult to arrange everything neatly to make the rooms look spacious and airy. But the modern pullout shelves have made things easier to make your home a wonderful place to live in. All the essentials are nicely tucked up in the shelves that are not visible to all eyes. Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Pullout shelves are usually made of stainless steel or wood as they are sturdy and stand all kinds of weight. But you can also use the wire mesh shelves that are more convenient to store items that need air to keep them fresh. Here are some unique pullout shelves that will enhance the beauty of your rooms all the more. Roll out shelves make any type of cabinet easier to use and keep everything well organized.


 #1: Wooden pull out shelves

The single door cupboard that stands in your bedroom can be fitted with china wood shelves on the inside of the cupboard door. This special type of wood is very light but strong and is just tough enough to hold your cosmetics and regular necessities.


#2: Plastic pull out shelves


To maintain a tidy bathroom it is absolutely necessary to have pullout shelves on the walls of the cabinet in the bathroom. These shelves are mostly made of plastic or stainless steel so that their quality and color is maintained even they are inside closed cabinets.


#3:Fiberglass pull shelves

Glass shelves too can be used in bathrooms as well as kitchen. They are more useful in making the pullout shelves in the kid’s room. Even if the door of the cupboard or the cabinet inside which you fix the shelves are pulled out hard, they will not break easily.


 #4: Glass pull out shelves

Glass shelves offer a sophisticated look especially when placed on the closed door of the cabinet in the wall. These shelves are appropriate for the drawing rooms. You can arrange your showpieces and arrange exotic lighting fixtures to illuminate the dainty items or precious memorabilia.


#5: Aluminum pull out shelves

Another unique way to decorate your room is by fixing the pullout shelves made of anodized and powder coated aluminum extrusions. They are strong and durable and the finishing of these shelves is awesome and is best suited for modern stylish homes.


#6: Stainless steel shelves

The kitchen items can be stored inside the cabinets below the cooking range and the shelves can be attached to the doors of the cabinets. These should be made of stainless steel to avoid rusting and for easy maintenance.


Most of the pullout shelves whether made of stainless steel or wood or any other material can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. There are variety of such shelves specially designed to store spices, trash cans and even drawers that can be rolled out on rails from inside the cupboard to keep clothes in proper order.