5 book cases with hidden storage ideas

The concept of occupying space has changed completely these days. Earlier it was more about having as much as space as you could afford, but now it is more about efficiently utilizing the space available. That is how “hidden storage” was conceptualized and it is being used in thousands of homes worldwide.

One of the best techniques to incorporate hidden storage in your home is via bookcases as it gives you the freedom to experiment with some quirky, yet fun ideas. Take a look:


 #1:Bookshelf with hidden storage door

The bi-fold door is an interesting concept and it stands out from the standard linear design of bookcases. The point of building a closet with hangers and shelves behind it is not just for space-related issues but also to save the time, effort, and money that would go into building a separate closet. It gives you easy and quicker access to items of daily use.


#2: BOOKCASE with Hidden Weapon Storage

You can’t leave guns or other weapons such as hunting knives, lying around the house especially if you have children or pets. It is extremely unsafe and can lead to fatal accidents. You need to keep weapons in a place that is both secure and accessible whenever required – creating a specialized storage space behind a bookcase is one of the safest ways to achieve that.


#3: Bookcase with hidden compartments

Concealed storage doesn’t have to be out of sight at all times – it can be located right in front of everyone, but only you will know the secret! Often, small items and knick-knacks are important but we tend to leave them lying around and end up losing track of where we kept them. This compartment under the bookshelf takes care of the problem.


#4: Bookshelf with hidden storage for small items

It is a pain going to the store room or attic every time you need a badminton racket or you have to look up something from an old album. An empty storage space or room behind the bookcase can be used to keep a variety of items such as sports gear, toys for children, photo albums, etc. You can also use it as a space to store shoes separately instead of keeping them with your clothes.


#5: Hidden laundry room ideas

This is an unconventional idea, but has caught on fast as it takes space-saving concepts to a whole other level! The laundry room is an integral part of your home – it certainly can’t be left out, but it consumes quite a lot of space. With this mini laundry hidden behind the bookcase you get to save space and utilize the laundry efficiently at the same time.

These innovative ideas will definitely be useful for all kinds of scenarios, whether you are giving your home a complete overhaul or decorating it from scratch!