5 ideas for hidden shelf for guns

One of the most common usage I have seen from creating hidden storage is to hide guns. Although that is not the intention of this online magazine, we will still cover such topics from time to time. This article one such piece. In it, we will covering some ideas and design for creating hidden shelf for guns. You can look at some of them for inspiration as well as ideas on how to build your own hidden shelves.


Idea #1: Floating hidden shelves for guns

This is one of the most elegant design I have seen for hiding your guns using a hidden shelf. The shelf unlocks from underneath the visible part of the floating shelf and can store small guns. As you can seen, the entire piece is very subtle and doesn’t look like a hidden storage.  If you are looking to store some small guns, this is a good place to do so.


Idea #2: Hidden shelf in sofa

For a more elaborate setup, you can attempt this particular design. It does involve more work but is able to store larger and more quantity of guns. Taking it out will be troublesome as you need to remove the top side of the sofa before being able to access the hidden shelf within.


Idea #3: Hidden shelf within cardboard

This looks like a normal small cardboard until you draw out the hidden shelves to reveal storage space for hiding your guns. Like the floating hidden shelf, this set up can only hold small guns and other smaller accessories. However, it is more visible compared to the two ideas mentioned above.


Idea #4: Hidden shelves under table

Here is another hidden shelf idea that is well hidden. Designed to be revealed under the table, it is a well hidden compartment that is not easily seen. Depending on the size of your table, you can hid some really big guns in this hidden shelf setup. Taking it will be a bit troublesome as you need to bend down to reach the shelf.

Idea #5: Hidden shelf in TV cabinet

Finally, we have this arrangement where the hidden shelf is placed just underneath the TV stand. It blends in well with the rest of the cabinet so it doesn’t stick out. Storage wise, it depends on how large your TV cabinet is. If it is as large as it is pictured above, then you can store some pretty big guns inside this type of hidden shelves set up.