5 modern furniture equipped with concealed storage

Space constraints did not lead to the idea of hidden storage. This concept is about utilizing the available space efficiently and smartly. Regardless of the size of your home, the space provided needs to be used in the best possible way and ensure that affordability is also maintained. It helps to keep the house organized and free from clutter.



If you have put in a lot of thought and effort into the décor and theme of the house, it would defeat the purpose to have cabinets put up everywhere. The ideal solution is to make use of multi-purpose furniture, which has hidden storage built in it. You know exactly what is kept where, which saves you time while searching for stuff and it exhibits a better ambience when items are out of sight, yet accessible easily. Such storage options can be accommodated without difficulty, be it in the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, or bathroom. You can actually experiment with a lot of creative ideas here!

Let us discuss some of the commonly used furniture equipped with hidden storage:



 A sofa that opens up as a bed is the ideal example of multi-purpose furniture. It is extremely useful when you have guests over, especially if you have limited spaces. What happens is that extra bedding and linens have to be put away in a cupboard or kept in someone’s bedroom, but with this piece of furniture you can store all of it in one place. If a friend or cousin unexpectedly turns up, you don’t have rummage through cupboards and cabinets while searching for suitable bedding. There are a variety of styles that you can take your pick from, so that it blends in with the overall décor of the room it is placed in.


#2. Window seat that has compartments

 A bay window is the perfect area for setting up a window seat – be it in the living room or bedroom. Sometimes, people attach seats to a wall in a big room without bay windows as well. Not only are you providing a great seating space, but you are taking care of storage too with the compartments under the structure. Children’s bedrooms tend to get cluttered – keep books, games, toys inside the seat. In the living room, you can efficiently utilize the seat by storing magazines, books, DVDs and CDs, and family games in it.



Although this doesn’t really fall under the category of furniture, it is definitely worth a mention, because it can be a huge space saver. Quite a few homeowners are using this concept now. A “wall” in the room is actually a panel, behind which shelves and alcoves can be installed to store items. False walls are quite common in bathrooms where a smart storage solution is required the most when it comes to toiletries and bath linens.



These pieces are no longer just used for keeping cups and saucers while gathering around and spending time with loved ones! One of the most practical storage solutions available today, there are in-built shelves located underneath the tabletop that can be used to store several items. Tables are usually provided with two to four drawers but you can opt for more. Lift-top coffee tables are also in demand, where the top is designed to house storage space underneath.



If you want a desk of decent size, and yet have sufficient legroom, the best way to execute this would be to get a piece with concealed storage. Desks are designed in such a way that you just have to flip open the front to create a workspace, and close it when you are done. They don’t take up much room and neither do your legs feel cramped due to working in limited space. There are cubbyholes included for small items and an area where the cord from electronic items can pass through.

You can order customized furniture with hidden storage as per your choice and requirements. They make storage easy with improved functionality while adding to the overall look of your home.