5 Tips on Finding Hidden Storage Space in Your Home

You don’t have to demolish a wall, dig a space in ground, add a room, remodel the garage or annex your neighbor’s space to find storage space. Hidden storage space can be found just where you are- behind the door, below the staircase, by the end of the hall, in a corner or anywhere else. Unused space is available everywhere. Here are 5 tips to find them:


On top of the cabinets and closets

Space above your closets is perhaps the most under-utilized space in your home. Mostly, there is around 3 to 6 feet of vertical space above the top shelves of cupboards. If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, you can have more options to create storage space here. You might need a ladder or a stool to access the things you store in this space. So, try to keep things that you rarely use, such as extra pillows or blankets, winter coats, out-of-season clothes, etc.


Under the bed hidden storage

This is constantly the most neglected storage space in a house, and most people give a reason that the things they put here become too dusty very soon. If you want to store your unused clothes, shoes and other things under the bed, do not forget to pack them in vacuum sealed bags. In this way, the bags will get the dust, not your stuff. If you are too concerned about the dust, you can opt for putting drawers under your bed.


Behind door hidden storage

You can get a good amount of storage space behind your doors. Purchase some hanging shower caddies, self-adhesive hooks and hanging pocket shoe organizers and store just anything in these, including cleaning supplies in the laundry room, cloth napkins, measuring cups, hot pads, and other small items in the kitchen etc. Because they are not permanent, you can stick self-adhesive hooks all over the house, and use them to hand your apron, purses, dirty clothes etc.


Hidden storage under stairway

Stairway is usually seen sitting unused and vacant. You can use this space to build bookshelves, display collectibles, or store anything that you want.


Hidden storage along corridor

If your corridor is wide enough, you can transform it into useful storage space. If there is some space at the end of your hall, you can use it to keep a chair and a small desk, and add shelves to keep business books and office supplies


Here are a few tips that can help you find some hidden storage space in your own home, and make your space clutter-free.