5 Tutorials on How to Make Hidden Storage for Books

Hidden storage for books is a great way to store books you don’t use often, or valuable books that you want to keep from the view of others.  Bookshelves also make great hidden doors to rooms in which you can store more books or other items.  Some people even enjoy making secret playrooms or bedrooms for kids.  You will find some great tutorials here with step-by-step instructions on how to make hidden bookshelves and hidden rooms with bookshelves.


#1: Wikihow

This tutorial walks you step-by-step through making a hidden door out of a bookshelf.  When you are done, it will simply look as though you have a bookshelf in your home, but only you (and whomever you choose to reveal the secret to) will know that one of the bookshelves swings open and reveals an open area in which surprises are hidden.


#2: Houzz.com

This ingenious design allows you to store smaller bookshelves under your stairway behind larger bookshelves that remain out in the open.  This is a brilliant way to keep extra books out of the way, but still handy and within reach when needed.  Although there is no tutorial, it’s pretty easy to see that you simply place wheels on a small bookshelf, then have two or 3 taller ones in front to block the area under the stairway.  Simply make sure one of the tall bookshelves pulls out easily, so you can access the smaller one that is hidden.


#3: Imgur.com

The builder uses casters for this hidden storage bookshelf.  He walks you through step-by-step on how to create storage for guns, books and other valuables behind what ends up looking like a normal bookshelf.


#4: Instructables.com 1

Build a large bookshelf with an entrance to a hidden room or other storage facility.  You can keep more books or anything else hidden behind this type of bookshelf.  This tutorial will show you how to make your own hidden storage for books and more.


#5: Instructables.com 2

Make a bookcase door filled with fake books that hides a room or a storage closet.  This is a great way to hide valuable books or keepsakes that you don’t want anyone to know about, or use it to hide a secret room or storage area.


Whether you want to build an area to hide books, other valuables or an entire room, these tutorials will get you started on the design of your choice.  Some people enjoy building secret rooms simply for fun, while others are looking for creative ways to store valuable items that they don’t want stolen.  You can go even further and place hollowed out books on your hidden bookshelves that hold jewelry, coins, a small knife collection, and so on.  Whatever design you decide to use, the great thing about doing it yourself is that you can choose the materials and the colors you want, so it will blend in well with the other décor in your home.