6 Contemporary Headboards With Hidden Storage

Headboard, attached to the head of your bed, not only enhances the look of your bed, but serves as a hidden storage solution too. Modern headboards are designed in such a way that they can hold not only your pillows and linens, but also books, lamp, water bottle etc. If you are looking to buy a new bed, then choose its headboard as per your style and practical usage. Here are a few contemporary headboard styles that add elegance to your bedroom, and at the same time give a much required hidden storage space.

Tilt-out upholstered headboard

This headboard is divided into two, with each section tilting out, thus allowing you to hold your pillows, cushions, bed linens, and other items of your choice. When it is closed, no one will be able to guess that there is a hidden storage behind it. if you are looking for a contemporary look in your bed room, then this kind of storage headboard is essential.


Elegant headboard opening from top

This is an elegant looking headboard that opens from the top, and can be used to store any items of your choice, including pillows, bed linens, extra bed covers, cushions etc.


Contemporary headboard with sliding-out side panel

Storage panel comes out from the side of this contemporary headboard design. One advantage is that it has a top shelf too, that you can use to keep your things on the top.


2-paneled sliding headboard covers

This is a modern design of headboard, that has been divided into two parts. Each part slides sideways whenever you need to access your stored items. No one would be able to judge how it opens.

Cool modern headboard with multi-flips opening for storage

This is a unique style of headboard that has several flips that open to hold your things. When they are closed, no one would be able to imagine their existence. By selecting this headboard, you receive multiple arrangements in a single segmented storage system.


Modern design headboard with storage space all over

This is an elegant headboard that has lots of storage space without creating clutter. There is storage behind the upholstered back support, in drawers on the side, and open storage space on both sides.

These creative contemporary headboard designs cross boundaries of common architectural furniture designs, and give you cool hidden storage space in your bedroom, thus saving clutter.