6 Cool Hidden Storage Bed Designs

Bed rooms are quite small in today’s apartment living spaces, and you have to choose your furniture in such a way that they not only serve their intended purpose, but a little extra too. Here are 6 cool hidden storage bed designs that store your household clutter without being visible:


Leather-finish bed with hidden storage beneath

This is a very common storage design in contemporary beds. This king-sized bed with 19 cubic feet hidden storage space keeps your things organized. There is so much storage space beneath, though opening it every now and then may be a little cumbersome. So, keep things that you do not frequently need.


Teen bed design with hidden storage on the back

Exclude all other things, and just take a look at the bed. The manufacturer claims it to be for teen girls, but it can be a great addition to any bedroom. It has lots of drawers and shelves on the back, so they are not easily visible from the front. There is wide top shelf too, which you can use to showcase things or keep frequently used items.


Single bed with sliding storage below

This is a single bed, ideally suitable for teenagers or singles. It has sliding storage drawers below, that open in opposite directions.


Perfect bed and storage cabinet for the kids room

This contemporary bed will be a perfect addition to your kids’ room. It has lots of drawers and shelves below, and a staircase to reach the sleeping area overhead. Gives a lot of hidden storage space to accommodate your child’s books, toys, shoes etc.


Unique round bed with storage on sides

This is a cool, modern, unique round bed with upholstered back and storage space on the sides. The lids can be opened up easily, and can be used to keep your pillows, bed linens etc. within easy reach.


New bed design with lots of storage drawers below

This bed will not only be an elegant furniture piece in your bedroom, but it will give huge storage space beneath it too. The drawers are handleless, so that no one will be able to judge that there is storage space in there.

Incorporate these contemporary hidden storage bed designs in your bedroom. You will not only add elegance to your room, but will also get a fine storage space to organize your things.