6 Step by Step Tutorials on DIY Coffee Tables with Hidden Storage

Coffee tables that offer hidden storage options are ideal for small rooms, apartments, dorms or any family that needs a place to store items out of the way while keeping them easily accessible when they need them.

You can store pillows, books, blankets and more in the hidden storage areas of a coffee table.


#1: Imgur.com

This wooden coffee table offers hidden storage under two top panels that slide out revealing a storage drawer that can hold books, eyeglasses, puzzles and more.  Use this table indoors or outdoors for a stylish addition to any room. It will hold drinks, food and pretty decorations, too.


#2: Ana-white.com

This beautiful piece of furniture was created to look as though it has several small drawers that you open from the front, but in actuality, it is one huge drawer that pulls out and can hold large linens, pillows and other bulky items.  This will save you space in your closets and under your beds.  You can use it as a normal coffee table in your living room or family room for drinks, food and decorations, as well as using it for storage.


#3: Goodshomedesign.com

This lift top coffee table serves as a desk, coffee table and provides extra storage for small items such as books, magazines and more.  3-ply wood was used for the drawers, so it should be sturdy enough to hold heavy items, too.  The builder here sanded all of the old stain off, which is a good idea, because then you can stain the entire table to match, rather than trying to match the already stained color, which can often be difficult to do.


#4: Rogueengineer.com

This distressed look coffee table has been built with storage in mind.  And best of all, the storage is hidden.  It features two large drawers that pull out to store blankets, winter clothing, pillows, toys and more.  Use this in a playroom or family room.  It functions well as a durable coffee table, too.  So put your feet up and relax, without having to worry about being surrounded by clutter.


#5: 101woonideeen.nl

This next URL has the step-by-step guide on how to make this table, so I wasn’t sure which link you want: This hidden storage coffee table is so unique, and probably one of the easiest to make yourself. You simply buy two tables, put casters on them and hinge them together on one side, then add handle and voila, you have a modern and classy coffee table.  When you open it up, you have two open storage areas to keep items out of sight but easy to get to.


#6: Designsponge.com

This coffee table is extremely easy to make.  You simply take an old vintage suitcase and add legs to it, and you instantly have a coffee table with hidden storage inside the suitcase.  You can use it also in a bedroom as a bench at the end of your bed.