7 Modern Bathtub With Hidden Storage

There is no less clutter in a bathroom, and you are always on the lookout for little spaces to keep your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, toilet cleaners and towels organized. Here are 7 modern bathtub design ideas with hidden storage.


Elegant bathtub with hidden storage tiltouts

Mostly, there is only air below a bathtub, and such a huge space goes totally wasted. This is a great idea to use the space below and keep toiletries organized.


Sophisticated bathtub with storage beneath

This is a bathtub design that adds sophistication to your washroom. With wooden finish, it has so many drawers, sliders and tilt-outs to use the space below the bathtub.


Wooden tilt-out below the bathtub

This elegant bathtub has storage solution over-head, a towel bar on the side, and tilt-out storage spaces for your toiletries, footwear etc. The tilt-out can be opened even when you are sitting inside the bathtub.


Unique bathroom storage idea in a bathtub

Here is a sleek bathtub design with storage solution on the header and the footer. If you do not like revealing the things stored, you can add a cover to make them hidden.


Organized storage solution below the bathtub

This is an elegant bathtub with wooden finish and sufficient storage space. Each compartment opens up to reveal the toiletries you have stored in it.


Innovative bathtub design with lots of storage on all sides

Place this bathtub in the middle of your bathroom, and have a storage solution from all sides. This bathtub has drawers and cabinets on all four sides, giving you sufficient hidden storage to organize your toiletries.


Perfect storage furniture comes with this bathtub

This bathtub is an elegant furniture piece to your bathroom, which not only adds a utility device in your space, but also gives ample storage solution. With sliders and drawers on its front panel, you can keep your shampoos, soaps, towels and toiletries organized.

If you are planning to install a bathtub in your bathroom, then buy the one with any of the above designs. By doing this, you will not only have a great utility in your bathing area, but will also have a storage space that will help you in keeping your toiletries organized.