See how 5 home owners did their DIY shoe storage

Shoe storage is a must for a busy or large family.  There’s nothing quite as frustrating as running late and trying to find matching shoes for all the kids.  Closet floors can easily be taken over by a bunch of shoes all mixed together, making finding a matching pair very difficult.  There’s a variety of shoe storage options that you can easily do yourself at home.  You can build big or small storage units according to the size of your family or the amount of shoes in your household.  So go ahead and get those shoes organized and stored in a convenient manner!



This built in shoe rack will keep shoes off the floor and out of the walkway.  Hide dirty, worn and ugly shoes out of sight.  This is a fairly easy cabinet to build, and it also offers a place to sit things on when you come in the door.  You can also use it in a laundry room to hold detergents and other items, or use it in a bedroom as a dresser/shoe storage unit.



A simple cabinet can be turned into an awesome shoe storage unit.  Place shelves on one side for regular shoes, and leave the other side without shelves for boots and taller shoes.  You can paint this to match your home’s décor, and it offers you hidden storage, as well as a place to put things on top.



Add a shoe storage rack to one or more shelves in your closet to keep your shoes organized and clean.  It also keeps them from getting disfigured by other shoes, clothing or heavy items that we often toss in our closets.  You can paint this fun little shoe rack any color you want.  It’s ideal for kids and adults, and offers you storage and organization.



This shoe cubby for kids can be made in any size and color. You might even want to let the kids get in on the action of helping you build and paint the unit, if they are old enough to do so.  Or let younger children add stickers or other fun things to it to make it their own.  This shelf can be placed in a closet or simply someplace else in a bedroom or playroom.  It helps keep shoes organized and out of the way.  This will also help teach children responsibility and organization that will stay with them for a lifetime.



No matter the size of your closet, you can build custom shelves for housing any style and size shoes that you own.  If you are someone who owns many pairs of shoes, then this is a nice way to keep them organized and out of the way.  It also allows you to easily see what you have, so you can grab the pair you want for every occasion.