Too Many Shoes? Try These 11 Hidden Shoe Storage Ideas

You might have shoes matching with each dress you have. There are different shoes for different occasions. You have high heels, casual footwear, flip flops, boots, sport shoes and much more, but where to keep them organized, and also hidden. Here are 11 great ideas to for hidden shoe storage


#1: Under the bed skirt shoe storage

Attach a transparent shoe organizer to your bed rim, and store your shoes in it. Don’t worry, it can be perfectly covered with a bed skirt or even the bed sheet, if you let it hanging loose.


#2: Hidden shoe storage behind door

You can make some hangers on the door of you closet, and store your shoes there. This is great for hanging non heavy shoes like your sandals or flip flops. No one will be able to see them unless they open your closet.


#3: Behind a curtain

Buy a wooden shoe rack, keep your shoes it, place the shoe rack in a corner, and hide it behind a curtain. This is a simple hidden shoe storage idea, that most people do not think of.


#4: Hidden shoe storage in an ottoman

Almost every house has an ottoman, but most people do not realize how excellent hidden shoe storage solutions they can be. Make small compartments in an ottoman, and keep your shoes organized in it. If one is not enough, you can use as many ottomans as you want.


#5: Hidden shoe shoe cabinet

Choose a narrow pane in your cupboard and make many old school locker style racks in it. Each rack can hold 1-2 pairs of shoes.


#6: Hidden shoe storage bench

Hide your shoes under a bench and slipcover it with a cloth or curtain. Whenever you need your shoes, you can just lift up the cloth, and slip into the shoes of your choice. For more ideas, check out our new articles on 5 hidden shoe storage bench.


#7: Hidden sliding shoe shoe

Today, slide-out racks are available that have special compartments for storing shoes. You can install these racks in one of your closet drawers, and keep your shoes hidden in style.


#8: Hidden floor storage

Dig a compartment in the floor and install a wooden lid. If you want, you can even cover it with an area rug. Depending on the size, the lid can be single paneled or double paneled.


#9: Drawers in the staircase

Steps on the staircase can be made in such a way that they pull out like drawers. But make sure that the top of the steps is sturdy, as they will be hollow inside and they should be strong enough to bear your weight. An ideal staircase will be the one that is rarely used in your house, such as the staircase to the attic or to the terrace on top.


#10:Hidden stool shoe storage

This kind of furniture will be a stool on the outside, but a shoe rack inside. Keep your shoes in this booster stool, and use it as a furniture piece to sit on or keep your show pieces on. This seems to be an ideal hidden shoe storage idea, isn’t it?


#11: Modern storage bed with storage

Sofa cum beds have a huge drawer inside which you can use to store anything, including your shoes. Dragging them out is quite easy too.

Here are some easy, simple hidden shoe storage ideas that would not take any extra space in your house too. Wondering why you did not think of them before! Try them out.