Top 5 mirrors with hidden storage ideas

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall…” – All of us are familiar with this quote, so much so, that we simply can’t resist checking ourselves out whenever we spot a mirror, irrespective of the location! A few years back, the sole purpose of using mirrors was to check makeup, shave in front of it, brush teeth, etc. – just some run-of-the-mill tasks. The scenario has drastically transformed with mirrors being a critical part of space-saving strategies now! Hidden storage using mirrors is a brilliant concept indeed, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 ways to do so:



You need to be extremely cautious while storing guns at home. When you have children and pets running about, you can’t leave them lying carelessly or keep it in your bedside drawer as it might lead to life-threatening situations. A sliding mirror can be used to hide a gun safe behind it, so that the exact location of the guns is known only to you and there is no compromise regarding the safety of family members and pets.



No one wishes to store medicines in plain sight, but you need to have quick access to them when required. Here too, you have to be careful when it comes to children as they are eager to grasp and experiment with whatever they can lay their hands on. Pills, tablets, syrups etc. should be kept well out of their reach, which is why you should definitely opt for this system of a medicine cabinet behind a mirror.



Having a separate cabinet in the bathroom to keep shampoos, lotions, soaps, cleaning supplies etc. takes up quite a lot of room. Even if you have a large-sized bathroom, a bulky cabinet is a sheer waste of space. You should utilize the space cleverly by building racks or shelves between wall studs and camouflaging them with the help of a mirror that doubles as a door.



This concept serves a dual purpose – a mirror is used as a door as well as storage due to the built-in shelves behind it. The uniqueness of this idea is that the shelves are attached to the mirror itself, which saves even more space. It is ideal for storing perfumes, deodorants, body wash etc.



A floor length mirror always looks elegant and classy – it is reminiscent of the Victorian era when such mirrors were a trademark of the elite class of society! Apart from taking you on a trip down the road of history, this type of mirror is excellent for concealing compartments used to store jewelry in a secure way. Thus you can see how the good ol’ mirror has multiple functions! Ready to include some of these wonderful designs in your home?