5 Amazing Hidden Storage Shelf Designs

Hidden storage designs allow you to store items that only you know about. They offer out-of-the-way storage options for items of all sizes. Store items that you want to keep handy in certain rooms, or that you want to keep out of guests’ view.


Hidden storage decorative wall shelf

This small storage unit has a hidden pull out shelves that offers room to store small items such as reading glasses, pens and paper, keys, and more. Keep things out of the way, yet handy for you when you need them. You can hang this in a foyer to hold car keys or in a bathroom to hold bandages and other items, or keep it by a telephone to hold a small address/telephone book and a small pad of paper, along with some writing utensils.

Hidden storage shelf under stair

This hidden storage shelf design will allow you to utilize the space under your staircase by hiding smaller shelves or other storage items behind one or more sliding shelves. This will keep your home clutter-free and looking organized and clean. You could also use sliding shelves as room dividers in living rooms, bedrooms, loft apartments, dorms, and so on.


Hidden shelving unit

This Safeguard shelving unit offers many pull out shelves as hidden storage compartments in which you can store guns, jewelry, silverware, coins, and any other valuables that you want to keep out of sight. Drawers open in unexpected places that only you will know about. When locked up it is a beautiful, functional piece of furniture, and nobody will know it has several secret storage compartments. Latches unlock by hand and by a magnet that you place in any book of your choice. There are side storage compartments and top and bottom drawers. Store collectibles, valuable documents, weapons and more in this ingenious piece of furniture which can be made from any wood of your choice and in any dimensions that you prefer.

Hidden storage shelf under sink

Under sink storage is a clever way to keep things out of view and hidden from all. Store winter hats and gloves, kitchen utensils, cleaning liquids and more under your steps, as pull out drawers blend in to look like they are stationary. You can also store valuables under your steps such as collectibles, silver, coins, guns and more. Use under stair storage units for practical items or for storing things you don’t want others to find.


Cool hidden shelf

If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, you might want to consider this piece of furniture made to look like a pile of lumber, but it actually has hidden drawers that pull out and can store items where nobody would ever think to look. When the drawers are closed, it will look like a neatly stacked pile of lumber waiting to be burned or waiting to be used to build something.

Storing valuables and other items in hidden storage shelf designs will help keep your home organized, and will keep unwanted eyes and hands off of your valuables. There are many great hidden storage units available today, so you can easily find some that will work well for you in your home or office.