Hidden shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Finding ways to store your shoes is one of the biggest use of a hidden storage (besides guns and valuables of course). In our previous article on hidden shoe storage ideas, we have already covered 11 of such ideas but not many were specifically for small spaces. In this article, we will suggest some ideas that are great for small houses or apartments.

What is the difference in shoe storage ideas when it comes to normal and small spaces? For the latter, you need to be really creative because most of the furniture with hidden storage wouldn’t work well in small spaces. For examples, a ottoman with hidden shoe storage might be ok for a normal house but for a small apartment, having an ottoman actually takes up too much valuable floor space.

For this article, we will targeting these few unused spaces to avoid using any floor space

  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Behind doors of existing furniture


#1: Shoes hidden in wall

For small houses, the best idea is to look for the walls for any available hidden storage areas. The mistake most made is to openly display their shoes on the wall either using a floating shelf or some other wall mounted item. However, that can make the whole wall untidy, not to mention smelly. The best way is to create a stylish hidden shoe wall storage like what is shown in the image above. It is neat and stylish and even become a center piece for your whole room.


#2: Room dividing hidden shoe rack

When you want to divide a room into two, you can use other ideas besides erecting a wall. For instance, a couple of these hidden shoe racks from IKEA is enough to separate say, a living room into two rooms. You not only save costs and you can create plenty of shoe storage from these racks.


#3: Hidden shoe storage behind coat rack

Another great piece of hiding place is the unused floor area in your wardrobe or coat rack. By installing rows of floating shelves, you can effectively create plenty of hidden shoe storage. Remember to install some lighting as well to make it easier for you to find the shoes since it is usually pretty dark inside a wardrobe.


#4: Use corner floating shelves

Corners are one of the under used spaces in the home. You can take advantage of this by installing some corner shelves and use it as a way to store your shoes along the walls. The disadvantage of this approach, as mentioned above, is that it leaves your shoes exposes, which might not always be a pleasant sight for your visitors.


#5: Hidden shoe storage under bed

It is more common now to see people using the empty space under the bed as storage solutions. However, not many use it as a shoe storage. To do that, you need to create plenty of smaller compartments to prevent your shoes from piling over one another. To make it even more easier to see the shoes, you can create a transparent front wall for the storage compartment.