15 hidden room ideas you might not have thought of

In the course of writing articles that showcase the different hidden storage ideas, I have come across some really hidden room ideas. In fact, I have encountered such a hidden room once when I was visiting my friend in Portland. I was casually walking into the living room when he wanted to show me a bookshelf. It looked any like other bookshelf until he turned on the switch that opened the bookshelf to reveal a hidden entertainment room. It was really cool to see in person and I think that is why many folks wanted such a hidden room. Of course, some might just want to hide their guns which you should then read my article on hidden shelf ideas for guns.


Idea #1: Hidden kitchen

Some home owners wanted hidden rooms just to make the home feel more organize. Here is one idea that does this: a hidden room that reveals another part of the kitchen. For those who doesn’t cook often, this is a nice idea to have.  The hidden kitchen can function as a storage place for all your kitchen utensils and food supplies.


Idea #2:  Behind a wooden wardrobe

Hiding behind a normal looking wardrobe is a compact hidden room that can be used as a working space or a reading area. The nice thing about this idea is how compact everything is. If you have a small house or apartment, this will be a perfect idea to copy if you want a small hidden room.


Idea #3: Small hidden bedroom

Hidden rooms can be a great idea to hide yourself for a nice rest. In this example, the hidden bedroom behind a cupboard becomes a secret resting place for those who just want some time for him or herself.


Idea #4: Hidden laundry room

Laundry rooms are never meant for your visitors to see. What better way to hide it away using a hidden room concept? All you need is a thin moveable wall to separate the laundry room from the rest of the house. This idea is practical and easy to implement in your home.


Idea #5: Hidden sauna room

Love a good sauna? How about building one inside your home using a hidden room? One ideal place to build such a room is in your toilet, as shown in the picture above. It is a good place since you can have your shower rather after a hot and steamy sauna experience.


Idea #6: Hidden room under stairs

A common place to build your hidden room is underneath your stairs. I have written about under stairs hidden storage so this idea just take it one step further by making the whole area into a home.  One bad thing about this idea is that it is very easy to spot the room so you want to make it really non obvious.


Idea #7: Hiding below wine shelf

A cool place to build a hidden room is below a wine shelf. You can treat the room as a place to enjoy some wine and relax. In fact, you want even want to hide some of the more expensive wine in this hidden room as a form of added security for your expensive wine purchase.


Idea #8: Hidden bathroom

If you don’t need a big bathroom, then building a hidden bathroom might not be a bad idea. In this example, the hidden bathroom is build under the stair area. It is not meant to be really secretive but is a good way to free up more space in your home for the rest of the rooms.


Ideas #9: Hiding your fireplace

Another practical use of a hidden room is to hide your fireplace. This is very reasonable since you don’t use your fireplace everyday in the year. When not in use, you can hide it to either create a different feel in your home or simply to make your room feel less cluttered.


Ideas #10: Hidden wine cellular

A good place to build your hidden room is underneath the house. Since the underground temperature is typically lower, it is not a bad idea to convert the hidden room into a wine cellular. The low temperature works to its advantage as most wine need to be stored under a certain temperature. The only thing you have to note is the climbing, which makes it inconvenient for older folks.


Idea #11: Minimalist hidden room

As a minimalist design lover, I absolutely adore this minimalist hidden room design idea. Nothing fanciful here as a simple revolving door mechanism reveals the room. However, the entire design of the hidden place matches the rest of the house in terms of having a minimalist influence. Cool looking and one I loved the most.


Idea #12: Hidden toilet behind bookshelf

This is a unique idea that is seldom seen. Below the bookshelf is a hidden bathroom. I don’t know the intention of the home owner when he or she created this but it is rather cool and usual.  Maybe you need to wash your hands after flipping through the books?


Idea #13: Hidden room in attic

If your house has a high ceiling or attic, then you can consider this idea of building your secret room in these area. The example shows how this can look like. It is a great place for a hidden room as it can’t be easily seen if you take away the ladder. Most folks might it is just false ceiling for decorative purposes. One to copy!


Idea 14: Secret room for food storage

Now, this is a practical idea to put a hidden room, which is to store away all your food supplies so that your entire kitchen looks neat and tidy. The door to this secret food storage room matches the colors on the kitchen cabinets so it is not easily seen or detected. People who don’t pay attention might thought this is just another kitchen cabinet, without realising there is a room behind those doors.


Idea 15: Hidden room to store everything

For those messy folks, you might want to create a hidden room to store all your stuff! Doing so means the rest of your house will look less messy and presents better to your visitors.