6 creative hidden room ideas

A hidden room is a cool thing to have in your house. In earlier days, having a hidden room was a sheer necessity. People had a secret room for sinister association or concealing some mysterious objects. Nowadays, people have hidden rooms for different purposes. Most people add a hidden room to have some private time when plenty of guests flock around the house.

Here are the 6 astonishing and wonderful hidden room ideas.


 This is a great idea to incorporate a hidden room to your house. All you need to do is to partition a part of your attic in a clever manner. This idea works if you have less people in your house. You can conceal the entrance of the hidden room by placing some junk material or furniture.



#2: Hidden toilet behind wall

Having a hidden wash-room is a nice idea. You can have a hidden washroom behind your wall. People won’t bother to explore behind a bookshelf. Book shelves can camouflage a hidden room perfectly.




When anyone will look at this room, they won’t even assume that something hidden can be there on top of the shelf. However that is not the truth. Once a person climbs up the ladder, he will discover a cozy reading space. You can think of this hidden room idea if you are a bookworm or have a bookworm in your house.



 Some people are fond of collecting antic objects such as old books, vintage jewelry, and old-age coins. If you are among those people, then you would surely not like to show your collection to everyone who visits your house. You can camouflage your assets cleverly by hiding them behind a small classic bookshelf which is almost the size of a door.


#5: Hidden walk in wardrobe

 A secret walk-in closet can be incorporated into your bedroom. If the hidden closet matches perfectly with your interior décor, then no one can guess that there is something secretive there.




 If you have one or more kids in your house, then you must think of a hidden playroom. The urban apartments don’t provide much space for your kids to play freely. So a hidden playroom is a great option. You can also keep it locked when you want your kids to concentrate on studies.

These are some of the great ideas to have a hidden room in your house. A hidden room can be used for storing valuables, creating a world of solace and for security reasons.