4 Detailed Tutorials on How to DIY Window Seat with Hidden Storage

Hidden storage benches are ideal for kitchens, family rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else you need extra seating and storage options.  You can hide linens, toys, books, magazines and pretty much anything else in the hidden storage area.  You bench will look sleek and like it has been there the entire time.  Hidden storage offers you creative ways to keep things out of sight yet readily accessible to the family.

Editor’s note: check out our previous article on how to make hidden storage for books.

#1: Itsthelittlethingsthatmakeahouseahome

How to DIY Window Seat with Hidden Storage 1

This kitchen/dining area has a floor to ceiling bay window and offers an ideal spot for a window seat.  The builder first starts by bolting 2×4 boards to the wall, then building a sturdy front out of the same sized boards.  The front and two corners are then covered with MDF board which is durable and attractive, and can easily be painted.  Make sure to leave the center open to place hinged doors on, which will provide you with hidden storage, which can then be used for toys, cushions, small appliances, and so on.  The builder used decorative wood panels to dress up the front and then added a large hinged top that can be opened to expose the storage area.  You can place a large cushion or some throw pillows on top for comfort and design options, if you desire.


#2: Au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Start by measuring your area for then length, width and height that you desire.  Cut your lumbar and follow the instructions here on piecing it together.  Plywood can be used for front, top and decorative panels, and you can paint or stain it any color you desire.  For hidden storage cut one or two panels (depending on the size seat you have and door size you want) and hinge them on the back, so they will open, in order for you to store products underneath the bench.  Decorative trim panels should be placed on last then painting can begin.


#3: Ronhazelton.com

This window seat is unique in the fact that it not only offers a hinged seat for hidden storage, but this builder incorporated side storage options, also.  The storage cube on the left allows you to store shoes, books and other items for easy access and the cube on the right can contain a hinged top, so that you can store throw pillows, throw blankets, pet products and children’s toys in there.


This attractive window seat can be built in a weekend, and it will offer you more seating options and storage.  Start by building a solid frame, then add front and top panels, leaving the center free for your hinged door.  The front can be covered with decorative boards or pieces you create yourself, then paint it the color you desire.  You can place a pad or cushion on it for added comfort, or toss some pillows on there for a pretty design feature.